Division VIII A

Member of Division VIII A, from left to right, Spike, Rina, Tito, Elisa and Nicolas

It’s one of my dream since high school, making a group of character based on periodic table of elements. Yes, periodic table. I think it’s pretty cool idea 😀 So here goes, presenting Division VIII A from Hexagon Corporation! They are special group of young scientist (under 25) work on Pharmaceutical Research and Development division. Their codename represent the atoms on VIII A group (a.k.a noble gas).

Codename : Ne-10
Real name : Spike
Age : 23
Height : 178
Speciality : Analytical Chemistry
Quits rock band and become a real scientist after certain accident hits him, now he is taking his job seriously. People still often mistaken him as a delinquent, regardless.

Codename : Ar-18
Real name : Rina
Age : 18
Height : 157
Speciality : ???
She is a hyperactive girl and new member on Division VIII. She claims herself born via IVF (in vitro fertilization) through the same cell like her brother, Kr-36. Thus, her physical age is actually 20, despite she was born 2 years later after his brother. She is the youngest member of Division VIII A, although her speciality is unknown.

Codename : Kr-36
Real name : Tito
Age : 20
Height : 171
Speciality : Organic Chemistry and Molecular Modelling
Unlike his sister, he is pretty calm and reserved, despite their physical appearance resemble a lot. Graduated from college at age 18, he works on Hexagon Corp. since then. His past is complicated and he has no knowledge of having a sister via IVF, and don’t want to acknowledge that fact.

Codename : Xe-54
Real name : Elisa
Age : 22
Height : 148
Speciality : Immunology and Pharmacology
Although her physical appearance fits 13-14 y.o girl, actually she is 22. She has a supernatural ability (?) as a mind-reader (sometimes) and Spike often teases her by giving her new nickname ELISA-Reader.

Codename : Rn-86
Real name : Nicolas
Age : 24
Height : 170
Speciality : Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
He is the veteran of Division VIII A. A perfectionist. Pretty sarcastic and violent when it comes to a mistake he would never accepted.
Relocated from division VIII B, his past codename is Ni-28.

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