Last Rx.


“Could you fill this prescription for me, please?”


In front of me standing unfamiliar man on his early 20’s. From his appearance alone it’s only natural for someone to think he’s just an ordinary person. Yet this list of his prescription tell me otherwise.


“We’ll meet again, 1 week from now, at the same time, Ms.Pharmacist.”


A mysterious guy with terminal illness and hidden past. A newbie and optimistic pharmacist working in a small pharmacy store. Those two meet, unknown whether it’s a coincidence or a fate. How will their story develops?


From here on, my life changes…..

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Work in Progress At A Glance

um yeaaaah just feelin’ like sharing it here


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Happy Pharmacist Day! 2014

Uh….I know I’m pretty late (it should be on September, 25) but here ya goes! My good for nothing contribution for all pharmacist around the world 😀 I did it out of boredom and laziness .w. lazy coloring and lazy photo-cropping

By the way I’m on my last year now….meh…time surely does fly. Last year when I drew this I haven’t thought about my thesis or graduating.



In this “alternate universe”, I’m planning to do a short story about their relationship XD

“….And from this place, my life changes.”

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ERASER (demo) now available on Google Play!

It’s free, check it out 😀

ERASER on Google Play

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ERASER now has its Official Website

I’m pleased to announce that ERASER-1st Clinical Trial, my next visual novel project, now has its official website. All the development and news will be posted here. Demo ver 0.1 now available on PC and Android version.

Why don’t you give it a look?

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