Mangafest 2013

fanart maskot Mangafest 2013

Mangafest 2013 kembali hadir!

Datang dan ramaikan, 9-10 November 2013 di FIB UGM

Oh iya, saya selaku founder dari komunitas UGM-Art-Community juga akan buka stand disana lho, jadi silakan melihat-lihat (dan kalau bisa membeli) karya kami juga, hehehe

Info lebih lengkap silakan lihat Web Resmi Mangafest 2013

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I got reviewed! :D

My Visual Novel : Tour de Pharmacy got reviewed by someone on his/her blog. I’m so happy! 😀

Read the review here.

Tour de Paseban got reviewed on certain forum too! 😀

Read the review here

Thank you guys!

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Ever 17

This gallery contains 1 photo.

[Tsugumi] “I’ve been wanting to talk to you.” [Takeshi] “About what?” [Tsugumi] “Well, some things I need to say…” [Tsugumi] “Things to say…things I need to let you know…” [Tsugumi] “And I figured, no one could interrupt us here.” [Takeshi] … Continue reading

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Happy World Pharmacist Day (2)!

Well, I think it’s a bit late, but I finally able to make something original (on this very day!)

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Happy World Pharmacist Day!

So at least as a future pharmacist, I shall present something *cough* Pharmacy-related artwork this day…but wait up, I’m too lazy to make a new one, so I’ll show my old artwork instead *slap*

Happy World Pharmacist Day!

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