My original character drawn by someone else. I’d be very appreciated if you’re willing to do art trade with me! πŸ˜€

Open request by Hinagi-san ( a.k.a Nadia Puspita Adriyanti). My friend IRL, she is very talented! πŸ˜€


Birthday gift from Utgard-Yui ( a.k.a Etika Wahyu Vitasari), my Senpai on Pharmacy field too ^_^

AT with Snatcherkid. She is a professional mangaka now! πŸ˜€

AT with phoenickx. We worship the same couple : Takagi x Miwako on DC >.<

AT with SNChii. She is very talented artist on young age, as I recall she is not more than 16 y.o at the time she draw this.

AT with clouchan. She is my best buddy on DA :3 You draw him exactly as I wanted >w<

AT withΒ Li7, a fellow scientist outside my country. Look at those beautiful bands of PCR! πŸ˜€

Also a sketch, still from him


Yeah, that’s my Tito in his style


What an outstanding traditional from blackcoffeeneko >w< Hngggghhh his smile πŸ˜€


More gorgeous traditional from lilCuteThings >w< very, very cute and she gave me on 14th of February, OMG <3


Different feels with stunning painting style from Chronica πŸ˜€


Wow, I never expected to see them in realism style XD Thanks to charcoal-feather πŸ˜€


A support for my upcoming Visual Novel, ERASER. Thanks to Avira01!


Tsundere male lead is the best :3 Thanks aokenshi, you captured his traits very well here :p

Wanna do an art trade with me? Just contact me on deviantART :3

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