My Visual Novel

List of my completed Visual Novel. Will be updated once I accomplished anything new. Simply click on the title to DOWNLOAD it.

It’s ALL FREE, don’t worry 😀

1.Pharmacy Quiz
Release date : 06-30-2012

A short, challenging quiz, all about Pharmacy.
Can you get the perfect score within the time given ?
You have 10 seconds to answer each question, get fast, or the options will be disappeared !

Engine : Renpy 6.13.9
Language : English
File size : about 15 MB (compressed)
Estimated playthrough : 5 minutes

You have to understand about Pharmacy to get the perfect score on this game, unless you want to trial-error and failed uncountable times :rofl:
The difficulty is pretty hard, if I’d to say. If you’re normal Pharmacy student, I believe at least you should be on your second year to get familiar with all this subject on this game.

2.Physical Pharmacy
Release date : 09-04-2012

Follow the predecessor, Pharmacy Quiz, the gameplay is almost the same, with time-sensitive choice and no rollback featured.
The difficulty level is vary from easy to quite high.

Engine : Renpy 6.13.9
Language : Indonesia
File size : about 14 MB (compressed)
Estimated playthrough : 7-12 minutes

Well, it’s more detailed quiz about Physical Pharmacy. Again, you have to be familiar with this subject unless you want to failed uncountable times :p

3.Tour de Pharmacy
Release date : 12-16-2012

Explore the Faculty of Pharmacy with Tera and Archie !

Play as Tera, an art-college student who lost her way until she bump into another faculty, apparently The Faculty of Pharmacy. She meets Archie, later, depends on your decision, who will be your freely guide tour to show you around that strange place. As you advance through your journey, depends on your decision, will you develop a good relationship with him ?

Engine : Renpy 6.13.9
Language : English
File size : about 90 MB (compressed)
Obtainable ending : 3 (Bad, Normal, Best)
Estimated playthrough : 30-40 minutes
CG is available 😀

You don’t need any knowledge about Pharmacy to read this. Instead, I’d like to share my little knowledge about Pharmacy and I’d like you to know what kind of my faculty is. Basically this game is an educational tour with slight romance between the character 😀

4.Tour de Paseban
Release date : 08-29-2013 (Ind) 09-17-2013 (Eng)

“Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m Fahrul, the resident of Paseban village. Let me show you ALL things I know, about history and dark secrets of our village! Fuahahahaha.”

Follow the journey of Tito dan Fahrul as they visit various location on Paseban village.

1. Blink and Lip Flap animation
2. 7.953 words (about 30 minutes reading)
3. Combination of ADV and NVL mode
4. Keyboard shortcut, press F1 (Help) to view all shortcuts available
5. Dynamic map and journal, will be updated each time you visit a new location

This Visual Novel is the one of KKN PPM UGM 2013 JTG 12 projects.

Engine : Renpy 6.13.9 (Ind) 6.15.7 (Eng)
Language : Indonesia and English
File size : 36 MB (Ind) 41 MB (Eng)
Obtainable ending : 1 (this is Kinetic Novel. The story is linear without any branch)
Estimated playthrough : 20-30 minutes
CG is available 😀 (only one *cough)

Let me introduce the place I’ve been living for 2 months.





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