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Random Rant About Ujian Komprehensif (1)

Hari 1. Materi : Apotek. Blergh. Udah males2an belajar. Gak tahu kenapa, kurang minat sama bidang yang satu ini. Untung dapat giliran ke-6. Jadi bisa dapet bocoran soal dari yang sebelum2nya. Jam 12.30. Nervous menunggu giliran ditambah suhu ruangan yang … Continue reading

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Work in Progress At A Glance

um yeaaaah just feelin’ like sharing it here

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Happy Pharmacist Day! 2014

Uh….I know I’m pretty late (it should be on September, 25) but here ya goes! My good for nothing contribution for all pharmacist around the world 😀 I did it out of boredom and laziness .w. lazy coloring and lazy … Continue reading

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ERASER (demo) now available on Google Play!

It’s free, check it out 😀

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