Part 2 (Other Japanese VN)

Pharmacy Related Stuff on Visual Novel

4. Narcissu
This is a story of disease and suffering; of medication and adverse effects; of thoracotomy scars and cellular poisons; of the living who cannot help but to die and of the dying who cannot help but to live; of a resting place other than “on 7F” or “at home”. Seriously, this is a tear-jerker story I’ve ever read so far.

The protagonist, Yu Atou, has suffered from relentless non-small-cell lung carcinoma. He was put on Iressa, but it did not do very much good for him because his cancer has metastasized. And now here he is, devoid of any other treatment options.

From those who don’t know, Iressa (generic name Gefitinib) is an EGFR inhibitor. Look on the Molecular Pharmacology Book for more info.

5. Steins;Gate

Literally one of most memorable sci-fi VN beside Ever 17 for me. It deals mainly with time machine theory, many world-interpretation and particle physics, but one of the main heroine, Makise Kurisu is a young brilliant neuroscientist who published her thesis at age 17.

Neuroscientist is related to neurotransmitter, isn’t it ? She talks a lot about it throughout the story.

But she is not a boring character, she is lovely TSUNDERE.

She is definitely tsundere. That is her reaction when her love interest confessed to her. Abrupt, incomprehensible words. Experiment loving girl~

Let’s look on the chapter’s name…

What’s the difference between Necrosis and Apoptosis ? *search on Molecular Biology book…

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